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A Prayer behind a Name

A Second Daughter who Waiting for God’s Arrival

It’s been 4 years since I wrote on this blog. The last time I wrote on here when I was in Senior High School and now here I am as a 19 years old college girl. What did finally make me write in here again? The answer is my lecturer made me write on here. So, I take Post-Intermediate reading class in my college. My lecturer said, we must make a blog and publish our tasks on there. That was the reason why I am here again.

In our third meeting, we read and discuss an article about people’s names. The article talks about some persons who don’t like their own names. After we read and discuss it, our lecturer asked us, what the meaning of our names is. She told us to write a story about the meaning of our name and post it on our blog. She also told us to imagine what names we would give to our children and what our favorite western names are.

People say there is a prayer behind everyone’s names. Parents usually give us a meaningful name. Also, they have a pray for us through those names. That’s exactly what my parents did. There is a prayer behind my name. My name is Ni Made Andreiya Eliata. You might think that I was born and grown up in Bali but the truth is I wasn’t born and grown up in Bali. I got that Bali name from my father. My father is Balinese meanwhile my mother is from Dayak Ma’anyan, South Borneo. Yes, we are multicultural family.

Once, my parents ever told me the story behind my name. I was born in early January 1999. My parents told me that they thought I would bear in December 25, 1998. Yes, they thought I would bear on Christmas Day. So in that time, my parents really excited because their child would bear in wonderful day of the year. My parents and my big brother went to Church; they already packed a bag which filled with baby clothes. After going to church, they would go to a Hospital in front of the Church.

But it was over they expected. Nothing happened in December 25, 1998. My parents were waiting for me to come to this world, but I hadn’t come. So my parents decided to wait for more days. Day by day went, my parents became worried. December almost ends, but I hadn’t come. Finally, in early January after New Year celebration, they went to Hospital and ask Doctor what happened to me.

After my mom did some medical checkup, the Doctor told the sad news to my parents. The Doctor said that I didn’t move in my mom’s uterus. Doctor said that I should bear in December 25th. But like I said it before, nothing happened in December 25th so my parents did not go to the Hospital. My parents said at that time I almost died. The Doctor said, my parents must back again to the hospital in January 5th. So my parents went again to the Hospital in January 5th. In the Hospital, the Doctor injected something to my mom.

The Doctor said that he injected some medicine so I could move again like a normal baby in my mom’s uterus. The Miracle happened. The medicine worked well and I could move like a normal baby. My mom decided to bear me in that day. Finally, at 12 pm in January 5th, 1999 finally I was born. After a long waiting, I came to this world with a healthy body.

It was a hard and meaningful day for my family. My parents were sad and shocked because the daughter whom they’d been waiting for almost died. But because of God’s help, Miracle could happen and I came to this world.

My Mom and I when we were in Church

That story took the important point for my name. My middle name is Andreiya. My mom told me that Andreiya based on my born story. In Dayak Ma’anyan language, andrei means waiting. Just like I mentioned before, my parents were waiting too long for me to bear. My last name Eliata is taken from the Holy Bible. Eliata is a Church musician from King David era. Eliata also means The Lord God is arriving. Meanwhile Ni Made is from Balinese language and has meant the second daughter. So, my full name meaning is The second daughter who waiting for the Lord God arrival. My parents wish I can be a daughter who has faithful in God until the day He comes. They also wish I can be a daughter who always praises the Lord God for my whole life.

If I have an opportunity to change my name, I wouldn’t do it. I really like my name. It has meaningful meaning and it’s my parents’ prayer for me. I’m grateful for the name they already gave to me.

Sometimes, I’m wondering what I would name my children. I have a dream to have 4 kids. They are two sons and two daughters. I’m a big fan of The Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. I want to have 4 children and named them like the characters from Narnia. I would name them Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. For the first child, I would like to name him Theodore Peter Zefanya. Theodore means a boy, Peter means stone and Zefanya means in God protects. So Theodore Peter Zefanya means a boy who strong like a stone in God protects. For the second child, I would like to name her, Agatha Susan Zefanya and that’s mean a gentle girl in God protects. I would add Zefanya to all my children’s names because I know God will always protect them. Just like mine, there is a prayer behind my children’s names.

The Pevensie Children. From left to right ; Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund

Talk about my favorite western names, there are 3 names that I like a lot. Those names are from the characters of The Mortal Instruments book by Cassandra Clare. I really love those names. They sound so beautiful and have beautiful meaning. Those three names are Alexander Gideon, Jonathan Christopher and Isabelle Sophia. Alexander means protector and Gideon is a warrior of The Holy Bible. Meanwhile, Jonathan means God has given and Christopher means a carrier of Christ. Isabelle means God is my oath and Sophia means wisdom. 

The Lightwoods. From left to right ; Alexander Gideon, Jonathan Christopher and Isabelle Sophia.

Every name has a beautiful meaning. We should be grateful for the name that we have. The most important thing, name is a prayer from our parents for us. Remember, behind our name there is our parents’ prayer.

Okay, that was the story behind my name, what name I would give to my children and what my favorite western names are. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading! God bless you!

For Addition, I give you three photos from my childhood 😁

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  • Pevensies from Narniawikia
  • The Lightwoods from FanPop


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