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Comparison between Education in Indonesia and Education in Germany

Education in Indonesia and in Germany

Nelson Mandela ever said that no country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. Mandela’s statement is absolutely right. Education becomes such an influential thing to make a country develop. A nation can be said to be a developed country if it has better education. Every country has its own way to create better education. Therefore, education in every country will be different from each other. In this moment, I would like to describe the differences of Germany education and Indonesia education based on several assessments.


Based on Government regulation, citizen in Indonesia must take education at least 12 years. Those 12 years including primary school, junior high school and high school. After junior high school, student can continue study in regular senior high school (SMA) or vocational and pre-professional high school (SMK). In SMA, they will choose between 3 program class and department including science class, social class or language class. Usually, students who learn in SMA will continue their study to college. Meanwhile, in SMK, they will choose program class such as trade class, craft class or technician class. In SMK student will be prepared to work in various job. So usually the graduates will work after finish study in SMK. For school cost, Government only bears the cost for state primary school.

On the other hand, citizen in Germany must take education at least 9 years. Those 9 years including, Grundschule (Primary school) and secondary school (Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium). Primary school in German only goes on until 4th grades. After 4th grades, students will take secondary school. Hauptschule is secondary school for less academic students. Realschule is same as SMK in Indonesia. Student will be prepared to work. Realschule leads to a technical or business school. After finish study in realschule, students will continue their study to berufbildung, special school for job. The last is Gymnasium. Gymnasium is secondary school for student who will continue their study to university. German Government bears the cost for primary school until secondary school.


In Indonesia, learning material aims to Pancasila. Students will learn about belief in God, humanitarianism, national unity, democracy, and social justice. Students will get a religion education since they are in primary school. Beside general studies such as math, science, social, sport and art, they also will learn about vernacular study.

Meanwhile, in Germany, religion education isn’t taught in state school. It only taught in religion private school. In Germany, students will get sex education since they’re in primary school (Grundschule). The purpose they teach sex education is to decrease sexual abuse for children.


In Indonesia, learning method will change based on the curriculum that the government use. When they use 2006 curriculum, learning method is teacher’s learning centered. Yet when they use 2013 curriculum, learning method is student’s learning centered. In student’s learning centered method, students should be more active and critical. For facility, government will give fund of school operational system (dana BOS). That fund usually will use for school books or school building. Teacher usually uses traditional facilities or modern facilities to teach students. But unfortunately, there are gaps between school facility in city and school facility in countryside.

However, In Germany, they already use student’s learning centered since late 1980. They use open learning concept which means students learn on their own without any compulsion. This concept will make students feel happy while learning. German government bears the cost for all the school facilities. So there is no gap between school in city and school in countryside.

Therefore, both Indonesia and Germany have their own educational goals. But the goals of the two countries are same to advance the nation and state. A government will give their best to improve the education in their own country. Just like Mandela said that from education, a country can be a developed country. Education such an influential thing in this world.

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